Antti Maasalo

The decades of light and motion

Sculpture, video, light, laser and computer art

In Antti Maasalo’s art, motion and the impressions producted by motion occupy a central role. Portraying time by means of motion, so-called time-space is his manner of dealing with dimensions. In his works wecan sense the past and the present, the finite and the infinite. This cybernetic, sounding space creates on illusion of fourdimensionality. Motion as a structurina agent of time is simultaneosly directed towards the microcosm and the macrocosm.

The slowly changing space filled with light elements relates about the subjective time stored in the memory as well as of the events of distant galaxies. In his work Antti Maasalo uses different materials from wood to steel and earth materials. He also regards the phenomena of the earth, the winds, and sunlight as material. As a spokesman of the conservation of nature and of soft values of life the artist has constructed works rotated by wind and water.